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Traditional surround sound systems require precise positioning of speakers to get the right surround sound effect. How can you achieve a surround sound effect without fixed positioning of speakers? Is there any suggested placement of the speakers?

Traditional surround sound system work on a so called ‘intensity’ principle. A surround sound recording specifies the direction each individual audio channel should come from. Traditional systems rely on placing each speaker in precisely that direction at a specified distance. Violet3D makes a remarkable departure from this philosophy. By using omni-polar speakers it creates unique wave-fronts - one wave-front from one direction for one channel – using ALL the available speakers.

Hence it can create surround effect without need for precise positioning of speakers. We suggest placing three speakers in the front and two in the back as far apart from each other as possible.


Other surround sound systems require you to first determine a seating position where the best sound will be heard. How can you achieve a surround sound effect throughout the room?

Traditional surround sound systems use highly directional speakers and create a focused beam of sound targeted at a particular listening position – which is why they require you to specify a listening position and work primarily around that.

Violet3D works on the principle of creating wave-fronts which simulates the effect of sound coming from further way that it actually is By use of this technology, we are able to create a 3D sound bubble throughout your room.


I am being told that is there is no good surround sound system which is wireless. How good is your system?

Creating a high fidelity (hi-fi) surround sound system using wireless technology has been a big challenge. Creating compelling and coherent surround sound requires a high degree of synchronization between the speakers (jitter) and very low time delay (latency) between the source and the speakers. This is typically achieved by a high quality AVR and high quality wires. Dolby recommends end-to-end latency of 20 milliseconds. Human ears are sensitive to any jitter in range of 20 microseconds.

We have developed a wireless technology coupled with our space sensing microphone which allows us to provide flawless full digital uncompressed transmission of multichannel audio with low latency (13 milliseconds) and low jitter (200 picoseconds) eliminating the need for expensive AVRs and wires.


I have heard that the room plays a very important role in quality of sound. What are room requirements for your system? What size of room does your system cover?

Violet3D 5.1 surround sound system has been designed for a room size of 700 sq feet (approximately 7000 cubic feet of volume). We have no particular requirements for your room.

Why hasn’t anyone else made a system like yours?

To make Violet3D possible, various technologies had to come together – high end digital signal processing, high quality wireless and high quality class-d amplifiers.

There has also been research and advances have been made in human perception of sound and creation of surround sound, such as ambisonics and wavefield synthesis which are a drastic departure from older methods of creating surround sound.

Our team of 35 people has worked on this product for well overthree years to make this a reality.

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Does your wireless have interference from radio frequencies of cell/cordless phones, microwave ovens and Wi-Fi routers?

Our wireless technology is designed to happily co-exist with other wireless systems. Our system is intelligent and uses our patent-pending space sensing microphone technology. Our microphone not only measures room characteristics to give you a theater in your living room, speakers are in the room and where they have been placed. Additionally, our speakers have a two way wireless communication path with the transmitter and hence we are able to switch our wireless frequency bands and also dynamically adapt power from our transmitter to our receivers to avoid any interference. By eliminating wires, we eliminate any pickup from other radio emitting devices that normally cause your audio systems to spur ‘pat pat’ sound when your phone rings. We have tested the system with 5 wireless routers, 2 cordless phones, and tens of cell phones and microwave oven.

Will Vioilet3d harm my health?

The emission of our product is same as any other Wi-Fi router in your home. We use wireless chips that are FCC compliant.

What is the range of wireless? Can I put additional speakers in the bathroom?

Our wireless range is 45 meters when the transmitter and speakers are in line of sight. As with any typical Wi-Fi routers, the range drops when you have walls. The construction of your walls determines the drop in the range. Wooden and hollow walls are much more forgiving than the steel and concrete houses in some parts of the world. We suggest you ask your dealer to test the system in your home and verify before using the system as a multizone product.

How many speaker I can play with single transmitter? How can I use it in commercial application?

Our transmitter can connect up to 21 speakers. For commercial application, we suggest you put one speaker every 6 to 8 feet.

Why do you call your system wireless when it still has power wires?

We transmit audio signals wirelessly from your device to the speakers. However, speakers, like many other wireless devices, consume power and hence have to be plugged in to a power source - just like your light bulb. In Violet, you can put in speakers wherever you have power outlets, just the way you do it for creating light in your room.

What are the system specifications?

How do I connect my audio devices? How can I connect optical or HDMi inputs to the system? Can I connect karaoke microphone?

Our system does not support optical input but you can purchase a low cost optical to digital convertor. However, most systems that have optical output also have an HDMI. In case of HDMI, we suggest that you connect all your HDMI sources to your TV and take the TV audio output and put it into our transmitter. You can connect your karaoke systems audio output or any other professional audio systems output to our system. Happy singing.


What is the power consumption? Does electrical noise other appliance affect the system? Can your system work on invertors or generator? Can your system handle power fluctuations?

Continuous power consumption of each speaker when turned on full volume is in the range of 7W and that of the subwoofer is 20W. When the transmitter is switched off, the power consumption of each device falls below 1W. Home appliances such as ACs, grinders, refrigerators, microwave ovens or vacuum cleaners do have an effect on quality of Violet. Violet is designed to handle 15% fluctuation in voltage and is designed to protect brief surges. Given the very poor power regulation conditions in India, we strongly recommend switching off the system during power outage or when not in use.

Do I need to switch off each speaker when I am not listening?

While it is not required to switch off each speaker, due to high voltage fluctuations and large spikes in certain countries we advise customers to turn off the speakers and the transmitter.

How can I identify if a speaker is accidentally switched off?

The red speaker LED will blink.

See user manual here

All five speakers play even when I play a CD. How can I get stereo?

While we encourage you to enjoy stereo music in our upmix (2 channel to 5 channel) algorithm, if you are a purist of stereo, you can turn off the rear speakers.

Can you place all 5 speakers at same place and get surround sound effect?

The system works best when all speakers are placed as far apart as possible to give the space effect.

If I buy a 2.1, can I expand it to 5.1?

Yes. You can buy three additional speakers from your dealer who will tell you how you can configure them and attached them to your existing 2.1 system.

What is the frequency range and wattage of each speaker?

How can your small speaker produce hi-fi sound?

We use digital signal processing along with a uniquely designed amplifier to give you a hi-fi sound and loudness from small speakers.

What do the LED’s on front indicate?

Where can I post my feedback and experience with your system?

Thank you for buying our system. We are eager to hear from you.

Please write to us here.

My questions are not answered here. Where can I get answers to my questions?

Write to us and we will be happy to respond.

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