Violet for
commercial applications

While Violet performs brilliantly in living rooms, they also shine with commercial applications.

Commercial applications such as coffee shops and brand showrooms can use a single Violet wireless transmitter to talk to 20 wireless speakers. No special speaker wiring or 110V bus-bar is required. Just hang speakers from the ceiling or mount them on the walls every 10 feet, provide 230 V AC live and neutral and you are ready to enjoy music throughout your showroom. Installers save time, effort and the hassle of installation not to mention post sales maintenance which is as easy as switching your light bulb.

The wireless speakers work up to a distance of 40mts line-of-sight from the transmitter and hence can be used in large auditoriums, lecture halls, dining areas etc.

Violet systems in conjunction with a wireless microphone and mixer have been installed in corporate boardrooms, clubhouses & auditoriums around India as Public Address systems and for background music. As an added bonus Violet has been known to also reduce echo in these installations.

Typical installations include:

  • Restaurant Lobbys
  • Lecture Halls
  • Reception Halls
  • Corporate boardrooms
  • Classrooms
  • Places of worship – temples/churches etc.

Some of our Home Automation partners have also created solutions to control Violet wirelessly via their iPads/tablets. Apple’s Airport Express has also enabled wireless music streaming and multi-room enhancement to complement Violet’s wireless audio capabilities.

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