Home Theatre System

See how Violet3D can transform your living room
into a multiplex in just a few minutes

Watching TV has not been the same for them,
after experiencing true surround sound with Violet3d.

  • Great sound separation; Impressive realistic sound;
    Excellent value for money; Incredible ease of set up.

    Vikram Chandra & Rajiv Makhni,
    Gadget Guru
  • Rarely have I come across an ingenious idea that simply works out-of-the-box as effectively as the Violet3D home theatre speaker system. It is daring in its concept and possesses the potential to revolutionize the HTiBmarket.

    Nishant Padhiar
    Editor - Stuff & What Hi-Fi, India
  • My overall impression is that this is a great system enabling consumers to get impressive SS with a minimum of hassle. I set the system up and calibrated it—all for the first time—in about 30 minutes (had to read the manual)! That's impressive to me.

    Mike Giffin
    ex-President, Harman Consumer Group
Get freedom from the constraints of a traditional home theater system.

Why settle for Black & White sound
when you can hear Color?

Did you know that HD channels broadcast 5.1 surround sound which your TV speakers can't reproduce? TV speakers deliver stereo even when HD broadcasts have 6-channels of surround sound. It's like your TV playing black & white video when the transmission is in color. Why deprive yourself & your family of the rich colors of surround sound?

Experience true to life sound from your HD set top box with Violet3D's unique wireless home theatre systems.


Transform your home into a multiplex

Transforming your home into a multiplex with Violet3d takes only a few minutes. Violet3d delivers superior 5.1 home theatre system effect that will make every movie-watching experience in your home as good as a trip to the theater. It intelligently transforms your home into a multiplex with HD movie channels, a stadium with HD sports channels or a jungle with HD wildlife channels.

Speakers that adapt
perfectly to your home

Traditional home theater systems demand that you position your speakers based on their specifications to get that perfect surround sound. When a sound engineer creates a DVD with 5.1 audio signals, he assumes that the five speakers will be placed as per specifications. This then poses a practical problem of re-arranging your living room toaccomodate the home theater system. Violet3D on the other hand gives you the freedom to decorate your living room to your taste, as the system doesn't pose any restrictions on the placement of the speakers.

Install your home theater now in just minutes

Installing Violet3D is as easy as screwing on a light bulb. Unlike conventional home theater systems that come with laborious installation procedures, Violet3D can be installed in just about five minutes and with a touch of a button. It comes with the promise of wireless technology that puts to shame even the best of cables. It substitutes tangling wires of stereotyped home theater systems with phase accurate and power adaptive wireless innovations.


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