Mike Griffin

Great sound separation; Impressive realistic sound; Excellent value for money; Incredible ease of set up.

Vikram Chandra & Rajiv Makhni,
Gadget Guru
Mike Griffin

My overall impression is that this is a great system enabling consumers to get impressive SS with a minimum of hassle. I set the system up and calibrated it—all for the first time—in about 30 minutes (had to read the manual)! That's impressive to me.

Mike Giffin
ex-President, Harman Consumer Group
Mike Griffin

Rarely have I come across an ingenious idea that simply works out-of-the-box as effectively as the Violet3D speaker system. It is daring in its concept and possesses the potential to revolutionize the HTiBmarket.

Nishant Padhiar
Editor - Stuff & What Hi-Fi, India

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