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The Brilliance of Violet3D

A Speaker For Your Home,
Not A Home For Your Speaker

Conventional speakers are placed in specific spots, for which you’ll have to turn your home around. Violet3D doesn’t work this way – smart and thoughtful, our speakers can be placed anywhere desirable, finally giving you speakers for your home and not the other way around.

The Science Behind The Sound

The Essence Of Surround

HD broadcasts deserve HD speakers and that is the essence of surround. Staying true to this fact, Violet 3D’s wireless speakers help you hear sounds you can never really hear out of conventional TV speakers – a whole new world awaits you.


Putting It Together

Effortless Installation

No messy wires, no endless instruction manuals and no long hours of installation procedures – setting up Violet3D is as easy as screwing in a light bulb and takes just under 5 minutes.


See our support area where you can find questions frequently asked by our clients and answered by our experts.

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