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these items into the item’s total cost while making a purchasing decision. Be sure to review and compare warranties, as well. Hopefully, you’ll never need them. But if you do, it’s good to know upfront exactly what is covered, and for how long. Doing Business With A Vendor That Offers Little Or No Support After The Sale Most vendors will be attentive to your needs while they’re in the process of making the sale, but what happens afterwards? Neglecting to properly assess how the vendor will handle warranty service and other satisfaction related issues can lead to headaches down the line. It’s a good idea to ask your vendor questions such as "how will you handle warranty repairs?" or "what if the desk becomes scratched in shipping?" Ask your vendor for references so you can find out how they handled any problems that arose during the delivery and/or installation process in the past. The last thing you want is a vendor that ships the order to you and then forgets about

Top 7 Tips for Managing Multiple Projects My mom belongs to a group called the Red Hat Society. When she says "Great, another hat!" she actually means "Great, another hat!" When you hear this at work, the person means something entirely different. The difference is, my mom actually has a new hat, whereas the rest of us simply have another responsibility. Taking on new projects and multi tasking seems to be common across all industries. The good news about this trend is that people accomplish more. The not so good news is that most people are not natural born multi taskers. This results in more work at sub par quality and/or burned
Cheap NFL jerseys out leaders! These seven tips have been created to help you manage multiple projects, with less stress Just Say No!: "Not Gonna Do It Wouldn’t Be Prudent." We can all agree, it is disappointing to have people say "no" to us when we ask them to accomplish a task. We can also agree it is more disappointing when a person says

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