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Zapping the Brain Improves Math Skills The technique could help students learn other skills besides math as well. It’s barely enough to light a light bulb, but passing a very mild current of electricity through the brain can turn on a metaphorical light bulb in a person’s brain. Scientists from the University of Oxford have shown that they can improve a person’s math abilities for up to six months. The research could help treat the nearly 20 percent of the population with moderate to severe dyscalculia (math disability), and could probably aid students in other subjects as well. "But we are extremely excited by the potential of our findings." The UK scientists used a method known as transcranial direct current stimulation, or TDCS. This non invasive technique involves passing electricity through the skull to increase or decrease the activity of neurons, usually for less than 15 minutes. The amount of electricity is tiny, so small that most patients don’t even know it is happening

. "I used to bribe him with money because he wasn’t really into the game," he said. "Now that he’s on his way to being a stud, I want my money back. "I like watching him play high school ball. When I first went to his games, there was hype and paranoia when I would show
Wholesale jerseys from China up. All that has slowed down. I think people are starting to understand that I’m a father who wants sit back and watch his kid succeed at something.” That wasn’t happening when Broadus started his prep career at Long Beach Poly, dad’s alma mater. A change of scenery was in order, so Broadus along with fellow freshman Kanya Bell, transferred to Diamond Bar last season. The duo
Wholesale jerseys played the final four games and were impressive enough, but even more was expected of them this season. Bell and Broadus have delivered. With all the attention paid to Broadus, Bell has put up even bigger numbers with 36 catches for 676 yards and seven scores. "Cordell makes everyone around him a better player,” Bell said.

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